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A Plus Shredding is proud to be a locally owned company which serves Louisville, Lexington, Southern Indiana and surrounding areas. Lynn Kaiser and her husband Mike Murray are residents of the area and glad they can bring our Mobile Shredder, The Pulverizer, to you! Our paper shredding service specializes in both Business and Residential Shredding, at a cost – and a level of service – you won’t believe! Best of all we can come to you making shredding easier and more convenient for your busy schedule.


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Our clients range from individuals wanting to get rid of financial information or documentation in a safe and secure way to one-person businesses and large corporate entities. We are fully insured and we guarantee our on-site shredding to ensure the privacy of you, your family and your customers.

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As a locally owned and operated company, we are very proud to guarantee to recycle 100% of the material we shred. At A Plus, one of our highest goals is to keep the environment safe as well as making you feel secure that all of the documentation we shred is totally destroyed and unusable in any form. We are also very proud to say that “The Pulverizer”, our mobile shredding truck uses the best in shredding equipment and is also made in the USA.
Call 502-640-4223 to set up an appointment today or for a Free Quote on scheduled shredding.

Why Shred Your Paper?

That’s a great question! If you’re positive that your garbage containers are 100% secure, and cannot be broken into by criminals, then there’s no need to consider a professional shredding company. However, garbage bins that are 100% secure are few and far between, and you have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of your clients, not to mention the security of your company.

Why a Business Should Shred Professionally:
– Protects your business.
– Protects your customers.
– Cost effective solution for document destruction.

Documents which contain confidential material:
•  Customer information
•  Marketing
•  Employee information
•  Proposals and quotes
•  Financial reports
•  Out-dated business records

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– Protects your identity from predators.
– More effective than personal shredders.
– You witness the destruction.

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