Do you have old documents cluttering your basement or garage?

Residential Shredding

If like many of us you have lived in a home for several years or operate a small business out of your home, the amount of paper that can mount up over the years can be staggering. Not only can keeping boxes of paper around create unwanted clutter but it can also create a comfy home for unwanted insects and rodents. This is where Residential Shredding comes in handy.

Getting ready to move? Why take all that paper with you or take it to the dump when dumpster divers and identity thieves are just waiting to get their hands on your personal information? A Plus Shredding can get rid of all that paper safely and securely with a simple phone call.


“Watch us work!” Our professional staff will come to your home and PULVERIZE your paper in such a way that nothing is left. You’ll know, first hand, that your private information, financial statements or whatever paper you have been storing has been safely destroyed.

Call 502-640-4223 for an Onsite Residential Shredding appointment today or for a Free Quote on scheduled shredding.

Your team did a great job. Extremely professional and efficient. Thanks for accommodating my shifting schedule. Best, G.D.McC.”