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Who Is A Plus Paper Shredding?

A Plus Paper Shredding was founded in 2007 by Mike Murray and his wife Lynn Kaiser, they have worked hard to grow Aplus into the successful business it is today. Mike and Lynn go above and beyond for their employees and their customers. They feel it is extremely important to give back to the community by making donations to places such as Shirley’s Way and by buying most of our business needs locally. As a small business we feel it is important to buy from fellow small local businesses. Here at A Plus Paper Shredding we are all about giving our employees every opportunity to be successful.

A Plus Paper Shredding is a great place to work, every single employee has passion and dedication for the role they play in keeping our customers happy and protecting our customers sensitive information. Our employees work hard and strive to treat our customers and each other with respect and kindness, we also treat our customers and each other as a family. We strive everyday to improve and better ourselves by working together and communicating. We also take time to strengthen our relationships by going on team outings and giving each other recognition for the hard work we do. The best part about working at A Plus is we are a company with faith, every morning we have team meetings and then we say a prayer. We are a growing company, and we are excited for what the future holds.


Kristy Tucker
Office Manager
Aplus Paper Shredding

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