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A Plus Paper Shredding is Green!

Do you ever wonder what happens to your paper after it is shredded and hauled away? Here at A Plus Paper Shredding we believe in being green and recycling all paper that we pulverize. After a day of driving to our customers and shredding their important documents, we head to our local Recycling Management Resources (RMR) and empty our trucks of the shredded paper. From there RMR bail’s the paper up and sends it to companies to be turned into new products such as paper cups, printing paper, cereal boxes, packing paper, etc. reducing the overcrowding that happens in our landfills and reducing the number of trees that get cut down in our forest’s.

We feel it is important to show our customers the impact that their shredded documents have on the environment after it is taken to the recycling plant. A Plus provides an Environmental report. Our environmental reports are based on the Official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations. There are so many ways recycling impacts the earth, for example if 850 pounds of shredded paper is collected that can turn into .43 tons of processed materials. That much material saves 7 trees, saves 3,010 gallons of water, saves 1763 KW of energy, keeps 26 pounds of pollutants out of the atmosphere, and saves 2 cubic yards of landfill space! If we all do our part in recycling imagine how much better off the earth would be for the next generation and so on and so on. Below is a sample of what an environmental report from us looks like! It is so important for us to take care of our earth, we all need to do our part so we have a earth to live on, so our wildlife does not parish, so we have clean air to breath.

Kristy Tucker
Office Manager
A Plus Paper Shredding

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