A Plus Paper Shredding Destroys Hard Drives For Your Protection!

Have you ever wondered who will destroy the hard drives from your old electronics? At A Plus Paper Shredding, we don’t just pulverize your sensitive documents, we also destroy hard drives so your electronic sensitive information stays protected! We will also remove the hard drives from your electronics and for an extra fee we will even take the electronics away to be recycled.

Approximately 43 percent of businesses in the US experiences some sort of cyber theft which can cost a business an average of $955,000 per incident including court costs & tightening up their security. If this happens to a smaller business, it can be a very traumatic experience and/or put them out of business. By destroying your old hard drives those risks of cyber theft decreases.  When we destroy your hard drives no one can retrieve the information that was stored on the drive.

How does destroying hard drives work? We will bring our shredding truck that is equipped with the compartment that destroys the hard drives to a business or residence, we then take the hard drives and insert it into the hard drive compartment where a thick sharp piece of metal comes down and punches a hole about the size of a marble in the center and through the bottom of the drive. On our website at www.apluspapershredding.com we have a video of a hard drive being destroyed.  After we leave the customer, we then take the destroyed hard drives to Derby City Recycling, an ecologically friendly recycling center https://louisvillerecyclingcenter.com/.  It is important to protect your important information whether it is in paper form or electronically and A Plus Paper Shredding is here and ready to help protect all your Sensitive documents from prying eyes!


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