Contract?! What Contract?!

After a new customer calls us or after a salesman signs a new customer up for services, the salesmen will send the customer a sales agreement to sign. This is in no way a contract but an acknowledgement  that the customer wants us to destroy their sensitive documents and/or electronics. Here at A Plus we do not have contracts, our services are pay as you go.

After the sales agreement is signed, it is then given to Kristy, our Office Manager, she then enters all the information into our system, assigns a date for shredding, or makes a schedule depending on the customers needs. If the customer wants to have a set schedule, she then emails the customer a scheduled calendar. After Kristy is done saving the information in our system, she gives the sales agreement to a fellow team member to double check that she did not miss anything so there are no mistakes on our part. After all the information is saved in our system, we then assign the scheduled service to a work ticket for our information destruction specialists.  On the day of the scheduled service, the work ticket is then assigned to one of our driver’s routes. The driver then goes to the customer with their A+ attitude and will destroy the customers sensitive documents onsite. If this is a customer that we are only seeing once, we will collect payment at time of service with check, cash, or credit card.

After we leave the customer, the driver then takes the shredded documents to our local recycler RMR so the paper can be recycled. The next morning the customer can expect to get an invoice and a certificate of destruction. After the customer is invoiced our Customer Service Manager calls the customer to make sure they were satisfied with our services and asks you if there is anything we could have done better?  We pride ourselves in making every customer of ours feel like they are part of the A Plus Family and make their experience with us a great one! Our customers are always our top priority, and we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

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